Monday, April 23, 2012

three turns

I recently fell in love with making puff pastry and danish dough. It is a little time consuming; a dough that needs commitment. But I love how the dough feels on my hands, I love making the turns and developing all those layers of beauty. 

{I used blood orange curd and cream cheese and pistachios on these particular danishes. The dough is from Sarabeth Levine's fantastic cookbook.}


  1. These look TO-DIE-FOR. I regret not making any blood orange curd, I was so entranced in salad-making mode that by the time I had the revelation and had also read Ms. Heidi's post, all of the organic ones were gone from the market & I couldn't bring myself to using the conventional oranges :( next year... My project this week is your cardamom cake :)