Monday, April 16, 2012

some things I'm diggin'.

1. this cake.
2. this coat.
3. this ice cream.
4. this idea.
5. this cookbook.
6. this book.
7. and this book.
8. and this book-ish scarf.
9. this writing advice.
10. this song. {remixed}
11. this album. [out next month!]
12. this good idea.
13. these pretty tarts.
14. this blog.
15. this photographer.


  1. Great round up - I think I have almost half of those bookmarked already! :-)

  2. I love these posts. What are you using to edit your photos these days? Only 3 more days of picnik ...

  3. I adore these posts! I want want want those cookbooks!! And those gorgeous tarts...thanks for sharing the beautiful things you've discovered. xo