Wednesday, February 15, 2012

some things i'm diggin'

1. these paper snowflakes.
2. these candy apples.
3. this idea for cakes.
4. this fun idea.
5. this pretty [expensive] dress.
6. this wedding.
7. this tutorial.
8. this idea.
9. this photo.
10. and this photo.
11. this doll.
12. this kitchen.
13. these scones.
14. this Tolkien quote.
15. this print.
16. and this print. 
17. this tumbler feed.
18. this blog.


  1. I'm totally diggin' most of these things too..oh the fairies in a jar, love it!! Thanks for diggin' my candy apples ;) oh and I love that Tolkien quote true!

  2. Dear me I want that kitchen! So rustic and full of light.