Friday, December 1, 2006

cool projects!

Projects by Threaded Basil 

tiny baby tutorial
chocolate heart tutorial
citrus stamps
paper doll magnets
eleventh hour Princess Leia costume

color scavenger hunt 

Projects by others
lavender baby by molly chicken
bird mobile by spool
hand carved stamps by Geninne
homemade envelopes
dress up felt board by smile and wave
onesie to dress tutorial by smile and wave
little birdie plush by viviana agostinho
lady bird owl costume by chelsea
turning paperbacks into hardcovers by ohdeedoh
mini bloomers by colette patterns
travel castle felt board by maya made
ruffle shirt tutorial by tea rose home
green apple tree tutorial by large shoes for the moon
homemade playdough by kiddio
clothespin fairies by one golden apple
circle skirt by made
spelling bean bags by chez beeper bebe
a toddler's cowl by oh baby o
sleep time baby and doll quilt by whip up
fake knit a pixie hat by I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar

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